How to Import an Existing Series

Posted on January 24, 2022

If this isn't the first series you've put together before starting your Cereal site, you're in luck! Cereal helps creators bring in all of their existing video content from YouTube easily, so your site is ready to go in minutes. Before we get started, if you're interested in hosting a series that isn't complete, or hasn't started yet, make sure to use this guide as a reference instead. Now let's take a look at how the import process works in Cereal.

1. Create a new Series

Navigate to the Series tab, and click "New" to start creating a new series. This is how you'll begin whether it's to import an existing series, or get set up for a new series you're planning to run. alt text test

2. Get the YouTube Playlist ID

Identify the YouTube playlist you want to import, and copy the Playlist ID from its URL. This will be everything after the "list=" part of the url.

alt text test

3. Paste in the YouTube Playlist ID and Save

Once you've filled out the YouTube Playlist ID field like below, this series will be used to import the playlist from your YouTube channel and serve it as a series.

alt text test You can come back to the series and verify that everything's been imported by opening up the series in the admin view, and scrolling down to see the video list. This will show all imported videos now tied to the series. alt text test

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